A Journey through Exodus

Exodus Overview

Outline of the book- 4 Relationships:

God and Moses: chapters 1-7

Moses and Pharaoh: chapters 7-15

Moses and the People: chapters 15-18

God and the People: chapters 19-40


Settings of the book- 3 Places:

In Egypt- saving grace

In the Wilderness- sustaining grace

At the Mountain- sanctifying grace


Themes of the book-  2 Quotes:


Who is the LORD

 that I should obey him?”



I brought you to myself”



In today’s world, there seems to be a power crisis as we try to figure out who we are as a “post-modern” and “post Christian” society. On the one hand, long-standing sources of authority are crumbling (Bible, family, Church, Judeo-Christian ethics) while other sources are rising (Twitter mob, cancel culture, identity politics, authentic-self ethics). This change is nothing new as humanity continues what began in Genesis 3- we will be “like God” and determine what is good and what is evil. But God’s promises to Adam, Noah, and Abraham remain!

Exodus continues this story of God’s rescue plan by showing how God has fulfilled many of the promises made to Abraham. The voice and activity of the serpent also carries on as many of the characters resist God in this book, and each of them will have their lessons to learn.

  • Moses doubts God’s ability to use him.
  • Israelites distrust God’s intentions and goodness.
  • Pharaoh defies God’s authority and claims.

Up until now Abraham’s family has been favored by neighboring nations, culminating in Joseph’s rise to power and the family living in the best of the land of Egypt. What if their circumstances change? What if their leader fails? What if the situation goes from bad to worse? Who is this God of their ancestors and will he come through?








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